5 Money-Draining Bad Habits that Keep You Broke & Broken

Tired of being broke?
Want to make more money?
Want to create alternative income streams?
Want to become financially free?
Want to build a legacy?

What’s stopping you from gaining the economic independence you so desire right now? You’re probably making one or more of these 5 money-draining mistakes that are keeping you broke and broken! Check out this webinar in which I will show you exactly how you can move past this place of lack and into the warmth of self-sufficiency.

This webinar is free; however, please consider giving a donation. All donations will benefit The L.A.D.I.E.S. Group NFP. For more information, visit our Go Fund Me campaign at http://gofundme.com/theladiesgroup

In this about 1 hour web conference, we will cover:
  • Identify the 5 mistakes you are making that are keeping you broke
  • Master your mindset to attract and retain more money
  • Explore the four main money methodologies
  • Apply easy actions to fix your finances now

Watch the webinar now:

5 Money-Draining Bad Habits that Keep You Broke & Broken — by Building Bridges Consulting



Master your money mindset to fix your finances!

Not sure who this is for but it’s weighing heavily on my mind this morning.

If you’re not making any money in your business it’s probably because you haven’t mastered your money mindset. You can only fix your finances by first fixing the way you think about money.master your money mindset

  • What relationship do you have with money in your life?
  • Do you have a savings account? Emergency fund?
  • Are you avoiding the bill collectors?
  • Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul?
  • Are you avoiding money conversations with your spouse or significant other?
  • Do your kids have the faintest idea how much the bills are in relation to how much you bring in?
  • When was the last time you checked your credit report?
  • Do your creditors know more about your situation than you do?

Often, the way we think about money and handle finances is directly proportionate to the things we have been taught over time. If you believe money to be the root of all evil, you will actively avoid money making and buy into money myths.

Think about this, if you’re avoiding the calls from your creditors, your current customers and potential prospects may also be avoiding the calls from you. Pick up the phone, take responsibility, and pay your bills. When you choose to do different, you invite different. Do better, receive better.

Check your financial pulse. Chances are that if you have the wrong relationship with money in your personal finances, your business finances will follow suit.

I can partner with you to change your relationship with money so you can begin attracting more in your business. I’m opening up the Master My Money Mindset program to a select few serious dreamers who are ready to take their business and personal finances to the next level. If that is you, go ahead an apply to join the program to master your money mindset now.


Stop Wasting Money on Your MLM Company!

Hello fellow business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs!

One of the ways I have seen people waste a lot of money is by spending way too much money on all the marketing materials and other collateral they think they need to effectively market their network marketing companies.  This is a big No-No!

You are probably committing more than one critical mistake in your business by doing this.  I want you to stop wasting money, save your money, and start actually EARNING much more money managing your multilevel marketing (MLM) business the right way.

I wrote a book that teaches you exactly why you are not making the money that you should be making in network marketing and how you can turn it all around so that you begin making more money than you ever did before.  You can learn how to excel at marketing your MLM business by adjusting what you’re doing to adapt my process to achieve big results fast.

The book is called, “Why YOU SUCK at Network Marketing” and is currently available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle eBook and soft cover formats.

In or coming to Chicago?

Join me, Author Niquenya Fulbright​, for my book launch event!

Early bird registration ends 3/31/2015! Don’t miss out on the special discounted price of just $25. Registration includes admission, lunch, and an autographed copy of the book. Check out the flyer below or go ahead and visit the registration link to reserve your space at this fun networking and learning event for small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, direct sales professionals, and book enthusiasts.

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Why YOU SUCK at Network Marketing book launch

So You’re Ready to Save Some Money?

Hello and welcome to “Save Money With Coach Niquenya.”

If you hadn’t guessed it already, yes, I am Coach Niquenya.  I decided to create this blog to give voice to all the neat finds I come across both on and off the web.  I am always looking for ways to cut my costs and save big whether it be in my business or personal life.  Speaking of my life, I guess I should also tell you a bit about me.  Since this is an introduction, I must warn you that it will be a bit longer than the posts that you can expect from me in the future but I want to make sure you understand who I am and where I am coming from so you don’t mind too much when I shove my thoughts and opinions down your throat later.

Well, I am an executive life coach, management consultant, mediator, author and corporate trainer specializing in motivating small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, groups and individuals in a career or life transition to use their innate abilities to master their goals and achieve successes beyond their wildest dreams.  Certified as a Christian life coach, I use teachings from the Holy Bible, the laws of attraction and the theories behind both client-centered therapy and principle-centered leadership to partner with my clients toward fulfillment of their goals.  In short, I help people tobuild a bridge between their dreams and ultimtate reality.  How’s that for a tagline?

Aside from my career aspirations, I am also a single mother of two nutty kids.  My son is 6.  He is a tiny little booger due to a disability at birth but you can’t tell by his attitude.  According to my mother, he is just like an anorexic.  You know how when someone afflicted by anorexia looks into the mirror and ONLY sees fat.  Well, when my son looks in the mirror he ONLY sees 6’5″, 200 pounds.  It’s amazing the things that he truly believes he’s capable of.  But you know what?  His undying faith takes him a long way.  He is always doing something phenomenally spectacular. 

Now my daughter, on the other hand, is 15 and somewhat eccentric.  One of her teachers, a 10-year veteran of the Chicago Public Schools, told me that she is “the most interesting person I have ever met.”  He really meant it too!  She is my most challenging child.  I gave birth to her when I was only a teenager myself so I am sure that, in and of itself, created some problems from the get-go.  But hey, we live, we learn.  Thankfully, I have always had my mother to depend on for added help and with the exception of a strange 16-month period, her dad has always been around too.  The thing about my daughter is that she is just too darned artistic and creative.  In other words, she’s a little touched in the head.  I can say that because I’m her mother and people say the same thing about me.  Certified geniuses like myself and creative eccentrics like my daughter tend to march to the beat of their own drum, so to speak.  My daughter is always doing something “not quite right” and that gets her into a great deal of sticky situations.

The last thing about me that I guess you should know right off the bat is that I live in public housing.  It is low-income and owned by Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). Yep, I said it.  This is something that I have never discussed anywhere else on the web.  Not in any of my blogs or on my primary website or anything else that I touch businesswise.  The reason being is that I thought it would take away from my credibility.  People tend to automatically assume certain things when they realize where you live and I don’t fall under any of the categories that one might expect of someone living in CHA.  But, for the sake of this blog and my desire to truly make a difference, I am letting the cat out of the bag.

So I say all this to say what?  Just as my son doesn’t allow his short stature to command his abilities, my circumstances do not define mine nor do your circumstances define you.  No matter where you are in life, you can be and do whatever it is you desire.  Really, yes you can.  If a single, African-American, teenage mom of two disabled children, living in low-income housing can live her wildest dreams out each and every day, so can you.

My intentions with this blog are to share what I am doing to not only save money but to generate additional income as well.  My desire is for you to apply some of these things to your own life so you can live and breathe easier.  The less stress we harness with worrying about finances, the much more time we have to enjoy what we truly love.  This is my hope for you.

So now that you know about me and what I want to achieve, I invite you to check back often.  It is my plan to include at least one new tip, suggestion or resource each day.  The first will be added today and is probably the most important for you to start with.  Thank you for dropping by!